EOS Implementer


Knight, Jason

Home Base:
Houston, TX 77375
Service Area:
Texas - Greater Houston, Austin, San Antonio - Willing to Travel
About This Implementer

Jason Knight is an experienced leader with 30 years creating and managing companies in Information Technology, Software Development, Construction Technology, and Aviation industries. Jason began his entrepreneurial journey in the mid-1990s when he founded an IT security group which he ultimately grew to over $30mm in revenue. In 2005 Jason started a Houston based technology solutions provider which he grew to $50mm in revenue and in 2014 sold as part of a roll-up. While integrating the various companies involved in the roll-up it quickly became evident that there was a need for consistency in vision, execution, and culture, which lead him to EOS. Since the conclusion of the roll-up integration, Jason has discovered his passion for working with other entrepreneurs to bring balance to their lives and help them achieve the most from their business using the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

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