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Kingery, Maria

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Raleigh, NC 27607
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About This Implementer

Maria is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about helping purpose-driven organizations and leaders unleash their untapped potential. As an EOS® Implementer, Maria guides her clients through developing a clear vision, building strong teams, and expanding their impact as efficiently as possible.

Prior to joining the EOS® community, Maria co-founded Southern Energy Management (SEM), one of the most successful residential energy efficiency and solar energy companies in the East since 2001. Her experience as a pioneer in the renewable energy industry gives Maria an unique perspective in how organizations can achieve their goals while being committed to sustainable business practices.

After implementing EOS® in her own company, Maria was so amazed by the work her team was doing that she decided to train professionally as an EOS® Implementer to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same kind of results in their businesses. Today, Maria works with organizations to align their values with their actions, their people with their bold vision, and their data with their accomplishments – the journey isn’t easy, but the results are magical.

Put simply: Maria believes entrepreneurs have the power to change the world and EOS® can help them do it faster. She will help you become your best – while having some fun along the way – because life is too short and your work is too important not to. If you’re ready to take the next step towards excellence, and to learn more about how to optimize your business, contact Maria today – (919) 815-5356.


I felt confident that this comprehensive business system could benefit my own company as well. We brought in Maria to coach us through EOS and in just a few months time it has been extremely helpful to us in streamlining our processes, creating new accountability systems, improving our meeting effectiveness and achieving a far better level of focus on what matters in our business. Over the course of our relationship Maria has truly become an integral part of our business family.

Gary Gerber, President and Founder, Sun Light and Power

Our company was in a transition period and thanks to Maria and her expertise in the EOS® way, we have come out the other side, better and stronger. Maria helped us navigate the murky waters of change with a clear vision and plan to get there. Through our work with Maria, we have been able get all of our team members aligned toward the same goals and truly embody and live our core values. Maria has been an amazing coach to us!

Taylor Schwarzkopf, CEO, Energy Diagnostics

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