EOS Implementer


Kauffman, Jerry

Home Base:
Missoula, Montana 59802, United States
Service Area:
Western Montana, Northern Idaho, eastern Washington within 300 miles of Missoula, MT
About This Implementer

Jerry is passionate about helping entrepreneurial organizations succeed. His business career started with a large company where he had great experiences learning about process, organizations, and business growth, but he also learned that the right spot in a smaller, more agile, organization would be a better fit. The “right spot” came along, and he joined a small, employee owned company for 16 years, during which time the company grew from $7MM to $27MM. As leader of that company for 8 years, Jerry experienced the excitement and challenge of leading and growing an organization, making some tough people moves necessary for the company to grow to the next level. It was very rewarding, but also very tough at times, with lots of “seat of the pants” learning. Under his leadership, the company implemented EOS and experienced many benefits from improving alignment, focus, discipline, and accountability.

Through these experiences, Jerry grew as a leader and learned that he has a heart for small business and helping entrepreneurial organizations succeed in a way that brings fulfillment to employees at every level of the organization, growing their spirit, and inspiring them to believe they are an important part of a great undertaking.Jerry is a thoughtful, reflective leader with a logical, process- and data-based approach to business, combined with a genuine sense of cultural and people-centered consideration. As an implementer, he won’t tell leaders what he thinks they should do; he will work with them to figure out the best solution for their company to make vision become reality.

With 3 children successfully launched, Jerry currently lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and their “little dog with a big attitude”. He primarily works throughout Montana, with some time spent with clients in southern MN or other places his network takes him.



“EOS is doing what I hoped it would for this company. The transition to a larger, more mature organization is not easy but we’re gaining the tools and mindsets to successfully do this. The EOS process and work has given me an even greater passion for where this company will go from here.”

Luke Mauritsen, Owner/Founder, Montana Instruments (high-tech mfg company)

“We’ve made stunning progress in the last 9 months. We are talking about the right things and getting to those things so much faster than before. It feels like we have a clear path to an exciting future.”

Ric Nelson, CEO, MBW Company (provider of housing / services for individuals with physical/mental disabilities)

“EOS is really helping to drive a ton of focus that wasn’t there before. We are so thankful for Jerry and EOS. We feel the positive change and can’t wait to see where it takes Big West.”

Joe Burnich, Owner/Founder, Big West Marketing (digital marketing company)

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