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Johnson, Mike

Home Base:
Chicago, IL 60067
Service Area:
Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa
About This Implementer
The Gallup Organization’s Strength Finders survey of personal strength traits tells Mike his #1 strength is Maximizer. It’s a skill he loves to use and it has been serving him well his entire life.

It showed up first at 8 years old when he got his 1st job. At 14, his father gave him the book “Think and Grow Rich”, where he discovered the power of goal setting and the “To-Do list”. These only added fuel to the fire. Mike and his dad then went on to build homes, subdivisions and apartment buildings. In college, Mike helped his football teammates go undefeated and win a Bowl game. It is there he learned the power of Right People, Right Seats and the passion to win.Then, upon graduation, he got an investment banking job at a boutique investment bank helping community banks and business owners maximize revenue, cash flow and the performance of their people. He also ran and trained the entire sales team and helped the company complete their sale to a large investment bank.

Over 25 years, Mike bought, turned around, and sold 3 companies, growing each of them over 300%. In 2005, he desired to learn more about the human performance side of the business so he went back to school and got a Masters in Corporate Leadership at Bethel University. This introduced him to the power of CEO Advisory Boards for wisdom and accountability to business owners. In 2007, he joined a C12 group and liked it so much he bought a franchise for Chicago in 2008. It was the #1 franchise in the Midwest for 7 years in a row. In 2015, he finally discovered EOS, or The Entrepreneurial Operating System. It was a match made in heaven! Traction aligns perfectly with how Mike is naturally wired, and with it he helps all his clients maximize the potential of their company and their leadership teams by installing EOS into their companies.

Mike has a beautiful wife, Janet, and 3 beautiful daughters. And they live in Inverness, IL. They enjoy volunteer work in their community, stay


Mike is a MAXIMIZER! Mike stepped in to lead our CEO Group I had already been part of and immediately took the group to a new level. Recently he brought EOS to the group and many of our companies have installed the process with excellent results, leaders all on the same page, more disciplined, accountable achieving the vision.A big Thank you to Mike for helping me sell my company. Credit to the Traction process for helping me with the clear vision and processes to get a great price.

Paul Timm, RETA Security

I’ve known Mike for the last 10 years and his leadership at the CEO level has been a real asset to me and my company. Most recently he has helped install the Entrepreneurial Operating System into our company and this year we are going from 20mm to 26mm! The awareness by my leadership team of the 6 key components to running a great business and the L-10 meetings to solve issues has helped to catapult us ahead. A real plus to managing 200 people.

Paul Cook, Painters USA

Mike has incredible energy, drive and focus for what he decides to do. He also has a tremendous heart. He has helped me more fully develop my spiritual, business and personal lives by being present and getting me refocused. I am inspired by how he pours everything he has into his business and that of his clients’ businesses. He is a voracious reader and learner and we all benefit from his wise words. He is a wonderful facilitator in our group meetings. Mike is worth every penny of my investment.

Chris Sweetland, Sr. VP Commercial Lending Huntington Bank


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