EOS Implementer


Jentgen, Fred

Home Base:
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Service Area:
Southwest United States, willing to travel.
About This Implementer

Fred is passionate about helping businesses be their best!

He discovered his passion while at Intel Corporation where as a sales & marketing leader he worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs that were part of their partner channel. One of his many roles was leading advisory councils of entrepreneurs, facilitating quarterly sessions (1000+ hours) as they collectively transformed their businesses and doubled their revenues.

Fred discovered that he enjoyed spending time with these entrepreneurial teams much more than the rest of his work. He was regularly found on a morning run, solving business issues or helping an owner navigate the fight they just had with a business partner.

He then discovered EOS and was blown away with how it could help solve their business issues and help them gain traction in their business. So he decided to pursue this passion full time. He started his own business, Unleashed Consulting Group LLC, to unleash entrepreneurial leadership teams to be their best.

Fred works throughout the US but lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Julie and his three teenagers: Tim, Allison, and Jared.


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