EOS Implementer


Heuertz, Dan

Home Base:
Palantine, IL 60074
Service Area:
Midwest, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Dan started as an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and has been a serial entrepreneur launching (13) companies over the past 25 years. These companies ranged from $1M with a handful of employees to $30M with hundreds of employees. Most, not all of these companies were successful. Failure has been an excellent teacher!

The secret to the successful companies has been to put them on an Operating System where the entire organization was aligned behind a clear and common vision coupled with them literally working from the same sheet of paper.

The results have been amazing; An Illinois based company with $8M in sales and losing money, grew within 2.5 years to $30M with a healthy multi-million dollar EBITDA.
A national franchise company with 17 units grew within 2-years to 35 units and over 50 in the develop pipeline. The company saw an increase in employee engagement, new store openings and revenue gains from existing same store sales.

Dan’s passion is Entrepreneurship! I love helping Entrepreneurs set a vision, gain traction and come away with a healthy life; personally and professionally.

Dan is a 16-year member of EO, Entrepreneurs Organization and has served in Global leadership roles for over 10 years helping Entrepreneurs learn and grow globally and throughout the US.

Happily married for 20+ years with 4 children in suburban Chicago.


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