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Hayes, Beckie

Home Base:
Naperville, IL 60563, United States
Service Area:
Chicagoland, Illinois, Midwest, Willing to Travel
About This Implementer

Beckie Hayes is the founder of Merchab Consulting Group, Inc. and is passionate about helping business owners get more of what they want from their businesses. She served as the Integrator of an Engineering Staffing firm. Over the course of nine years, the company grew from $6M to $25M in revenue, giving her first-hand experience managing a growing business.

Additionally, Beckie was born into a family of entrepreneurs where her father ran an electrical business from their house throughout most of her childhood. She started her career working at a young entrepreneurial business. She then spent some time at a Fortune 500 company and realized her home was within an entrepreneurial business. From there, Beckie transitioned into a leadership position at a technology startup where her passion for entrepreneurial businesses was reignited. She loved the satisfaction of having the ability to take action and see the direct impact upon the business.

Beckie finds fulfillment in helping companies clarify their vision, cultivate discipline and accountability to effectively execute their vision. She also helps teams build a foundation of trust to create an open, honest, functional and cohesive team. In short, Beckie carries a unique vantage point of both implementing EOS® inside an organization and as a professionally trained EOS Implementer™. Experiencing the simplicity and effectiveness of EOS® in action, she simply can’t imagine ever running a business without it again. This passion is what compelled her to go back to her entrepreneurial roots and spend her time helping business owners clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. Beckie enjoys working with small and mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries and has a special interest in family owned businesses and exit planning transitions.

Beckie lives in the suburbs of Chicago where she enjoys playing soccer, traveling, photography, reading, and being a coffee connoisseur & dark chocolate aficionado.

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