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Hawkes, Dan

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Dan Hawkes is a Certified EOS Implementer with extensive experience in numerous industries including retail, service, non-profit, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, financial, and the list goes on. His experience ranges from single point to multi-state organizations, from start-ups to 100 million dollars, and from five to 250 employees. When working with Dan you receive much more than the standard EOS Implementation, because he brings a lifetime of experience. With over 33 years as an entrepreneur, Dan helps companies consistently grow their business and teams to market leadership while improving employee morale, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and building a more profitable company.

With Dan’s passion for business and business excellence, his understanding of business, and the challenges of business, he is able to quickly identify and overcome problems and see opportunities. Dan is able to clarify and communicate short and long-term goals, focus a team, and achieve results in a short amount of time by bringing simple, real-world, practical tools to his clients while consistently growing a cohesive, functional, and healthy team – at all levels.

What does all this mean – it means Dan enjoys helping businesses get more of what they want when he helps them implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). It means Dan helps people achieve more, execute better, bring more accountability to the organization, focus on a clear vision of where the company is going, and how it will get there. Dan is able to bring the leadership team together to work on the business to resolve issues and achieve goals.

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Dan, we held an impromptu L10 Meeting today to discuss an issue that truly needed a solution. We had a unanimous 10! We are absolutely laying out issues, discussing, and finding solutions better than we have ever. Though we are certainly not perfect at this I wanted to say thank you for how much you have helped. . . . As hard as we tried to self implement, you showed us more in-depth ways to look at and discuss the same ideas, issues, and rocks. This will be a fabulous journey. Thank you!

Michael L.

Dan, I truly believe EOS (and how you communicate it) has saved our company. GP is a much nicer place to be now and work is actually getting done. People are being held accountable, which never happened before. I hear all of us preaching EOS and the language throughout our day.

Shelli S.

Dan, the EOS system has added a whole new way of thinking about our business and where we are focusing our time and attention. Prior to EOS, team members were able to get by, but the proven system of Rocks, scorecards, and to-dos ensure that everyone is focused on the right strategic priorities. You have been wonderful at helping us to catch the vision of EOS and how we can become a “Great” company in the future.

Erik M.

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