EOS Implementer


Hall, Doug

Home Base:
Seattle Metro, WA 98102
Service Area:
Puget Sound Region
About This Implementer

Doug was raised in an entrepreneurial family with Dad and Mom starting and running multiple businesses. He worked college summers in our business and came out with a business degree, but ignored his entrepreneurial DNA and began a long career in the computer industry, starting at Burroughs Corporation selling mini/mainframe systems.

Doug learned business systems, team-building and accountability, but the dark side of politics, red tape and bureaucracy constantly grated on him. Doug’s career changed direction 10 years ago when he ran a team working closely with entrepreneurial companies and really enjoyed helping those business owners to succeed. Doug started planning for an entrepreneurial career and took the leap in late 2011.

Doug chose to start a business helping entrepreneurs work on, not just in, their businesses. He launched and runs a Seattle-area business owners peer group and found that his work certainly helped the business owner, but did not provide tools to improve their company. He began searching for more. In late 2015 Doug was introduced to the book Traction, Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman and immediately recognized EOS as the “missing puzzle piece”. Now Doug shares and implements the proven EOS tools and system with business owners and their leadership teams to help them get more from their business.

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