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Freytag, Alex

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Columbus, OH 43221
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Alex is a lifelong entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of companies experience growth and health. He started ProfitWorks in 1996 to help companies create cultures of employees who think and act like owners. From turning around a small chocolate manufacturer to launching new products at Elmer’s, his background in sales, marketing, operations, finance, organizational development and IT, paired with a degree in psychology and an MBA, have given him a very holistic view of business and have shaped his passion for helping people get what they want from their businesses.

In 2012, one of his Ownership Thinking clients introduced him to the book “Traction”. He was so impressed with the simplicity of the EOS tools and how they support what he was helping businesses accomplish, that he decided to become an EOS Implementer to help entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their visions.

In addition to helping businesses succeed, he also enjoys public speaking and delivering high-value workshops to CEO peer groups and industry organizations. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and 3 children.




Kristen Harris and Catherine Lang-Cline, Portfolio Creative


Jim and Tim Zink, Zink Foodservice

Alex brought immense value to our firm’s operational efficiency and strategic planning in a variety of senses. He is a superb facilitator and clear communicator of the EOS system and the value it brings to our company. It has immediately impacted our business in a positive way. We look forward to working with Alex this year.

Ted Coons, Spillman Company

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