EOS Implementer


Fawcett, Rick

Home Base:
Fairfield, Connecticut 06825
Service Area:
Connecticut, Rhode Island, NYC
About This Implementer

Rick has been implementing and working with EOS for nine years.

It was at an Accenture-based start-up in 2010 that Rick was trained by Don Tinney. Don is a co-founder of EOS and is one of the best in the business. That start-up grew 10x in just over two years.

Next, Rick was hired as the GM of a $13M software business called RichRelevance. The business had been flat for the previous two years and Rick’s job was to rejuvenate growth. He implemented EOS from the outset and the business exploded by 3x growth in just over two years. His next company, Olapic, saw even better results.

Today, Rick trains, facilitates and coaches to all types of companies: industrial, retail, technology and professional services firms. His focus is in the northeast United States, with a particular emphasis in CT and NH.



Rick introduced EOS to Olapic. The framework was a tremendous enabler of our coordination and execution, leading to some fantastic sales growth.

Pau Sabria, CEO, Olapic

As the GM of the business unit, Rick deployed EOS across our leadership team at RichRelevance. It had a powerful impact on our success. A great practice that was critical for our growth and success.

Michael Dekshenieks, VP of Global Client Success, RichRelevance

I learned of EOS from Rick. I became a big fan of the system and found it the perfect way to bridge the strategic with the day to day operations which is something our team had struggled with. Because of this, we rolled EOS out across our Sales and Partnerships teams and it allowed us to drive more focused prioritization while ensuring we align to the 1, 3 and 10 year vision.

Cameron Vernest, VP of Sales and Partnerships, TradeGecko

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