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Faulkner, Crystal

Home Base:
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, United States
Service Area:
Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville KY, Dayton Ohio, Northern KY, Covington Ky, Newport KY, Indianapolis IN
About This Implementer

Crystal Faulkner is a CPA, entrepreneur, founder of a successful Boutique accounting and advisory firm. She is also an experienced and professional EOS implementer. After implementing EOS in her own business she saw the power of the EOS process and how it transformed her company so she could get more from the business and lead a better life. Now, Crystal is committed to working with business owners and leadership teams to grow the value of their companies so they can live the life of their dreams. She has had great success working with leadership teams and then helping them implement EOS throughout their entire companies.

Crystal is uniquely positioned to work with teams given her financial background and passion for helping others. She serves on the board of several organizations including non-profit and for profit companies. Her philosophy is to bring remarkable results to all she serves. She lives the EOS Core Values and particularly embraces the value of “Help First”.



I can’t say enough about the positive impact Crystal Faulkner has had on our company and the executive team. She first introduced us to EOS and we quickly embraced the system. Crystal taught us the EOS process and continued to facilitate our quarterly and annual sessions because of her incredible ability to bring out the best in our team. She also trained our management team and now use EOS throughout the company. We are a stronger cohesive and focused team. Thank you Crystal and EOS!

Rex Wetherill, CEO, Hydrotech, Inc.

I met Crystal Faulkner regarding a tax issue and soon we began talking about the EOS process. Crystal is an Implementer and we soon scheduled a 90 minute meeting with my Leadership Team. My team is on the EOS journey and Crystal has done a fantastic job of leading us. Crystal is resourceful, responsive and most important, clear and direct during the facilitation of the EOS meetings. If you want to make life easier, grow your company and make more money, I’d recommend engaging Crystal Faulkner.

Wesley Holme, CEO, HELP Plumbing,Heating,Cooling, Electric & Drains

What has impressed me most is how EOS has helped shape the vision of our agency. Having the management team understand why we do what we are doing and where we are going in year one, year three and even year ten. EOS has helped us to define our issues, values and focus. Crystal is outstanding orchestrating our sessions in her presentation and thought provoking approach. If you want your management team and company moving in a positive and planned direction Crystal and EOS will make it happen!

Pat Martin, CEO, St. Gregory Group

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