EOS Implementer


Fahey, Beth

Home Base:
Chicago, Illnois 60451
Service Area:
Greater Chicago Area, willing to travel.
About This Implementer

Like many entrepreneurs, Beth has had a colorful work history. She has worked as a camera assistant in the film business, owned a bakery, and was the president of the national trade association for retail bakeries. In 2014, EOS came into her life, and from then on, things changed forever.

Beth successfully used EOS in her own bakery business for several years, but then realized during her EOS Journey that she was much more interested in helping other entrepreneurs get unstuck than she was taking her own business to the next place. This background gives her a unique perspective as both an EOS user and a Certified EOS Implementer.

Beth believes that education is the key to personal evolution. In teaching EOS to clients across several different industries, she has loved seeing how EOS has made a positive change in the leadership teams’ lives and, subsequently, the lives of their employees.

Beth works with fellow Certified EOS Implementers René Boer and Clark Neuhoff at Traction Process Associates in Chicago. She is a co-presenter, along with René Boer, of the very popular “How to Be a Great Boss” Online Workshops.

Beth lives outside of Chicago with her husband, Mike. She has three grown children.

Phone: 815-953-9755


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