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Elser, Scott

Home Base:
Scottsdale, AZ 85258, United States
Las Vegas, NV 89128, United States
Tucson, AZ 85701, United States
Service Area:
Arizona, Nevada, Utah. Willing to Travel
About This Implementer

Scott brings real-world experience to help his clients achieve success, having built and led several fast-growing companies and having run a business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

His first entrepreneurial leap came in 2007 when he started an advertising agency literally on the front porch of his house. Scott quickly and consistently grew this start-up to become one of the fastest-growing ad agencies in the United States with over $10M in revenue and a team of nearly 70. His company was recognized for four consecutive years as a member of the Inc. 5000 including one year on the prestigious Inc. 500 List. This success started with a desire from day-one to build a unique culture where a team that genuinely enjoyed coming to work every day brought an owner’s mentality to everything they did. Scott’s commitment to serving as a mentor, teacher, and coach created an environment that encouraged the team to grow their own skills and continually challenge themselves, resulting in deep client relationships through low turn-over in an industry notorious for high employee burn-out and churn.

His introduction to EOS came through reading the book Traction®, and for several years he implemented EOS in the business he led in both the Visionary and Integrator roles.

Through his own experience achieving Traction, Scott realized his true passion is helping other entrepreneurs realize their own dreams. Working with leadership teams over the years as a marketing strategist helping craft clear and compelling visions provided a deep understanding of an array of businesses and industries, and his experience with running EOS delivered hands-on expertise in creating the accountability and discipline needed to make that vision a reality.

Scott enjoys life in Arizona with his wife and two sons, traveling, golf, tennis and hiking. Scott contributes insights to Forbes and Inc. Magazine and hosts a podcast on business transformation.



For a few years our company self-implemented EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and loved it but felt we were missing something. We met with Scott and instantly saw value and every quarterly meeting since then we’ve been 10x better. Deeper conversations, real goals and insane clarity. If you are interested in growing your business and want to get “real” with your team Scott is hands down worth the investment!

Jay Feitlinger, CEO and Visionary, StringCan Interactive

Scott is an exceptional trainer. His passion and communication skills help leadership teams successfully move through each step of the EOS process to define the company’s business plan. I highly recommend him for any company considering EOS.

Jim Butler, CEO, HJ3 Composite Technologies

Scott’s excellent at getting the best out of the team no matter what the situation. His blend of pushing for more while offering encouragement and guidance is truly spectacular. His experience and optimistic mindset, combined with his genuine passion for business, enable him to provide feedback based on knowledge with the right balance of pragmatism.

Jason Prentice, COO and Integrator, Spectrum Technology Solutions

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