EOS Implementer


Duncan, Chris

Home Base:
Irvine, CA 92618
Service Area:
California. Denver
About This Implementer

Chris’ unique background of helping hundreds of business owners turn their vision into reality, plus his 30+ years as an entrepreneur himself, has created an experience base perfect for helping entrepreneurs implement EOS and get what they want from them their businesses.

He started his first company at 16, and later graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship from USC. Chris then founded a technology business that grew into the market leader. His entrepreneurship continued, building four more companies (two with partners) – one of those companies failed, and three became market leaders and were sold.

Along the way, Chris joined a peer group for entrepreneurs. He discovered he loved helping his peers, and had a real knack for it. His passion led him to become the leader of the organization, growing it from helping 20 entrepreneurs in California to over 400 around the country.

He then went looking for other ways to help entrepreneurs and their teams run better companies…EOS was the perfect fit.

Chris’ passion and calling is helping leaders create high trust teams, live their best lives, and build great businesses that positively impact their owners, employees, families, and communities. He loves leveraging EOS and his experience base to help entrepreneurs accomplish those outcomes.

He and his wife live in Orange County and enjoy traveling, hiking, and spending time with their two sons and daughter in law.

You can contact Chris through this website or by calling him at (949) 466-7229.

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