EOS Implementer


Dispensa, Marc

Home Base:
Cranford, New Jersey 07016, United States
Service Area:
Metro New York
About This Implementer

Marc likes to say that he is a lifelong entrepreneur. He began his first company at the age of 21 and helped build it to $4 million in revenue before selling to a publicly traded company. Marc’s three year journey as CTO with this company taught him a lot about what not to do as a business leader and there he began to see what his passion was. Marc learned that he is a small company guy who loves to start businesses.

Marc’s first introduction to EOS® came when he joined a previous competitor, who was a year into their next entrepreneurial journey. They began implementing EOS practices into how they ran the business. What started as a $4 million company grew to a $50 million company in four years. Since then Marc has become a Certified EOS Implementer™ with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs realize their own vision for their companies.



Working with Marc and implementing EOS has been a game changer for our business. Prior to EOS our team communication was lacking and there wasn’t enough focus and direction on executing or solving for the tasks that would move the needle for our business. Now with EOS, our vision and direction is crystal clear for the entire team and we’ve been able to solve problems exponentially faster than we ever could before.

Kelly Faetanini

I made every excuse that my employees would buck against implementing an operating system and creating a middle management team, then Marc Dispensa and EOS came along. Marc has a truth in the way he communicates that has teams buying in and embracing the process. My people are renewed in initiative, communication, and accountability all because Marc presented an attainable goal with tools to build traction that the doubters could actually attach to.

Ellen Pietrowitz-Phillips, L-E-M Plastics

Since our EOS® company rollout in June 2019, we’ve become a well-oiled machine, optimizing the way we meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow processes, communicate, measure, structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. Beyond that, we’ve closed gaps between team members and continue to address internal issues head-on using the EOS tools. It’s also provided safe platforms for employees to speak their minds, helping elevate our company culture.

Ryan Smith, 5 Point Acupuncture

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