EOS Implementer


DeWitt, Ken

Home Base:
Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, AL 35406
Service Area:
Southeastern U.S.
About This Implementer

Ken does what he does because of his dad. Ken’s father was an entrepreneur who struggled to feed a family of ten in Alabama’s black belt in the 1950s and ‘60s. He worked harder than anyone Ken has ever known, and between his pest control company, truck farm, plant nursery, and other businesses, he scratched out a living, but he never became financially successful. His life was one of constant struggle, and he died from heart disease when Ken was only 14.

Ken’s dad made a way for him to go to college, though, and it is Ken’s deep gratitude for the sacrifice of his father – the first entrepreneur Ken ever knew – that drives him to help other entrepreneurs achieve a better life; a life that is served by their business, instead of the other way around.<

When Ken helps someone build a business that serves his/her life rather than consumes it, he feels he has done his best to honor his father and the legacy he left behind.

For more than 30 years, Ken has served as a trusted advisor to over a hundred entrepreneurs as a CFO, investor, consultant, and coach. When he found EOS, he rearranged his life and to be able to teach it full time because it’s the system he’s spent his entire career looking for, and he is convinced it is the best way to help other people enjoy the success they dreamed of when they started their business in the first place.

Ken has built the kind of business that allows him and his family to live in financial and emotional freedom, and he lives to help others do the same thing. If you’d like to get started toward that kind of life, contact him now.



We began to see results from implementing EOS with Ken immediately, and the difference was dramatic. The first thing that changed was the way we communicate. EOS has eliminated a lot of the drama that used to characterize many of our interactions with one another. No one is competing to get their own way; we are all working together for the same goal, and that is the foundation now of everything we do.

Charlie Regan, Gorrie-Regan & Associates

Ken doesn’t leave any issue on the table. He is not afraid to dig in to get to the root of a problem and help you come up with concrete solutions. And he doesn’t just talk to you out of a book. His 30+ years of experience really gives him a wealth of understanding to draw on because he has seen these situations before. He is ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and help you do what it takes to get the result you are looking for.

James Leitner, Southland Benefit Solutions, Southland National Insurance Corp., Collateral Benefits Group, Healther Partners America

Ken’s fee paid for itself the day he helped us make a decision we’d had on hold for a decade. He presented the facts in a way that made it a no-brainer. EOS isn’t always easy, but it is always simple. We have a work environment where our good employees are doing even better and the others are leaving voluntarily, as Ken predicted. With a cleaned-up workforce, we are poised for growth, and EOS is going to be the key to a great future for us.

Ryan Giles, AGJ Systems & Networks

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