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Deiter, Jon

Home Base:
Phoenix Metro, AZ 85248
Service Area:
Arizona, Nevada (esp. Reno), Chicago metro, So.Cal. ,willing to travel
About This Implementer

Jon has worked for over 30 years in leadership positions in privately held and family owned entrepreneurial businesses as well as smaller divisions of public companies that grew, struggled, broke through and experienced successful growth… and some failures.

Early in his career, Jon experienced firsthand the challenges of an entrepreneurial startup venture with long hours, frustrations and hard lessons learned before closing. Even with a clear vision, there was no system in place to cohesively manage the 136 things that had to be addressed and the team never gained traction to succeed.

In 2014, Jon was working on the leadership team of a company which began implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). Jon experienced first-hand the value and power of EOS and its simple tools to establish a clear vision, gain traction toward that vision, and grow a healthy team.

Jon came to realize his true motivation and passion ….. He simply must help more companies achieve great things through implementing EOS! He was trained as a Professional EOS Implementer and since 2015 has been working with small, medium and large organizations to help them implement EOS.

EOS is a people-centric management system that embodies successful, proven ways of working with people and a team. In addition to company growth and achieving the life you desire, implementing EOS has positive impacts to employees, culture and team health.

Jon’s leadership career in manufacturing, distribution and service businesses, along with experience as both a user and implementer of EOS, give him a unique perspective to pursue his passion of helping business owners and leadership teams achieve what they want from their business.

Jon lives in Chandler Arizona with his wife Julie, having moved to Arizona from Chicago suburbs in 2003.


We were growing rapidly, maybe a little too fast and felt a little out of control. Welcome EOS! I had no idea just how profound the impact would be. We now have a level of communication throughout the company that I could have only dreamed of a few years ago with a solid organizational structure, and focus on prioritizing and solving the most important issues. Quarterly and Annual Sessions are amazing. If you’re looking for a better way to manage your business, Jon Deiter with EOS can help.

Link Glenn, Caring Connections for Special Needs, LLC

At first EOS seemed like another language, but Jon nurtured us all the way. We refer to the books, videos and directly to Jon often. These resources have helped us address issues and solve them. We are setting goals and working toward a solid future. The team health tools helped us gain a new perspective on how to engage everyone in a more open and respectful way. We are not today, who we were when we started.

Amy Donnel, Wee Care Corp

Jon has facilitated the EOS process in an easy to understand way. He is able to gauge if the group is understanding a concept to move ahead, or if we need more direction or a reminder to stay focused. With his practical business background, he understands the complexities of managing processes via accountabilities rather than strictly an organizational chart, and he encourages teams to identify and work through issues, not sidestep them.

Bonnie Mendoza, Phoenix Zoo
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