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Crist, Will

Home Base:
Orange County, California 92780, United States
Service Area:
California (willing to travel)
About This Implementer

Will helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams simplify, clarify, and achieve their vision. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) helps companies get better at three things – VISION, TRACTION, and HEALTHY.

At the end of the journey with Will, organizations using EOS find that everyone is 100% on the same page with where the company is going and exactly how it’s going to get there. Company leaders work together as a more cohesive, functional team and everyone in the organization makes progress each day towards achieving the vision.

For 20 years Will has trained and consulted with businesses throughout the United States in management, sales, interpersonal communication, leadership training, corporate team building, hiring, and strategic planning.
During the past 20 years Will specialized in sales – the three core areas of sales management training, sales training, and hiring salespeople as a member of the Sandler Training network. Sales organizations engaged Will to maximize the potential of their sales teams through implementation of the Sandler Selling System.
Will’s consulting and training experience encompassed a wide range of sales and management topics designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of his clients. Participants and clients often describe his creative enthusiasm, problem-solving and curriculum design as particular strengths.
During the past five years, Will has worked with 16 companies implementing the EOS system. The experience is every one of these companies has been an increase in clarity of vision, stronger accountability, and dramatic improvements in communication and productivity.
Will hosts a weekly radio show called The Pilgrim on the 405, where he invites inspirational and influential business owners to share their experiences and stories.


I’ve known Will Crist for 9 years now and about 3 years ago he called me with what I thought at first sounded like a “shiny object”. Boy, was I wrong. My business partner and I met with Will to discuss EOS in his initial 90-minute interview. I knew right away, we needed this. I had an absolute conviction it was what our company had been missing. This was 2 and a half years ago. Since we implemented EOS, I can say without EOS we’d be a mess.

Cary Facer, Vistionary, Warren Street Wealth Management

We have able to grow our company, we have a strong culture (with 100+ employees now), the vision for the company is our own, no more people issues, everyone has clarity and the chance to make their own contributions, and I have a solid leadership team that I can trust to make big decisions. Most importantly, we are growing and are more healthy than ever! My new role as visionary has made me a much happier person. I can finally do what I love to do.

Rob Gledhill, CEO, Blue-White Industries

Implementing EOS was a huge change for our company. The initial impact was in recruiting. I recruit all levels of talent for Operations. By establishing our core values are for the company, it became very clear to me which applicants really get what we are trying to do. We hire, fire, and promote based on our core values. I have always tried to find the most talented people, regardless of the position. But now, there is a huge emphasis on fit, culture, environment, and our core values.

Daniel Estrada, Director of Operations, Blue-White Industries


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