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Cox, Justin

Home Base:
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN 55113
Service Area:
Upper Midwest
About This Implementer

Over the course of his life, Justin has had a front row seat as entrepreneurial dreams became a reality. Whether it was at the kitchen table listening to his parents build their family business, launching a business that grew to over 150 people, or working on a daily basis with some of the most respected entrepreneurs in their industries. He’s seen the dreams of entrepreneurs have an impact on our economy, our communities, and our families in ways that are impressive, humbling, and energizing.

In 2014, he began coaching the leaders of entrepreneurial companies so he could help other entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. The work they do together is not about optimizing the status quo or making incremental improvements, it’s about making breakthroughs that change the trajectory of companies and in some instances industries.

Every day leaders are tempted to settle for good enough. Products that are good enough, experiences that are good enough, and people that are good enough. But good enough will never make us great and great is a choice. Justin is grateful to work with leaders who recognize making the choice to be great every day isn’t easy but that it’s the only way to become the best at what you do.


After 5 years of self-implementing EOS at GoKart Labs, I decided to hire Justin to help us elevate our game and improve our Traction discipline. Having him as our Implementer has been a huge positive for me and the business. Justin’s an exceptional facilitator and a true EOS expert. He’s personable, yet disciplined and fun, yet focused. I’d highly recommend him to any small business owner who is serious about doing EOS well.

Don Smithmier, GoKart Labs

After unsuccessfully trying to self-implement EOS at our company we turned to Justin on a recommendation from a respected associate. If I have one major regret, it’s that I didn’t contact Justin right away rather than waste time trying to self-implement this critical system. Justin provides knowledge and firm understanding of the EOS as well as a likability that makes him a breeze to work with. But don’t be mistaken, if he needs to whip you back in line, he’s not afraid to do that!

Ed Heil, StoryTeller Media and Communication

We had self implemented EOS and wish we had started with Justin sooner. When we did make the decision to hire an implementor I wanted one that was fair but would push our team. In doing my research I heard from numerous people that Justin would be the best fit. One of my biggest delights in life is watching people who have found their gifts and are using them in a powerful way. It’s fun having Justin as our EOS Implementor because it’s his gift.

Chris Swanson, Pure Driven
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