EOS Implementer


Coleman, Dan

Home Base:
Los Angeles, CA 91302
Service Area:
California, New York
About This Implementer

Dan has entrepreneurship in his DNA, and has launched and grown a number of companies including a chain of sports medicine clinics that he grew to the top 1% in revenue in its class in the nation. He ran this company for 14 years before ultimately selling and moving into other businesses such as advisory, real estate development and health & wellness.

Dan discovered his passion for helping entrepreneurs through his previous advisory company, and in discovering Gino Wickman’s book ‘Traction’, he immediately new that EOS was the system that would deliver the biggest impact in the simplest system for entrepreneurial companies. As a founder and having experienced many of the frustrations that entrepreneurs share, EOS is the missing link that could have saved him tremendous time and money had he “ just known about EOS back then ”.

Dan’s varied experiences and diverse career path has created a dynamic background perfect for helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their business through the Entrepreneurial Operating System. In his own words, “ I absolutely love having an immediate impact with people and seeing the lights go on when implementing EOS with companies. It’s my passion, and helping other’s find or multiply their success never gets old ”.

Residing in LA, California with his wife and two boys, Dan will work with companies on the West coast.

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