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Brown, Walt

Home Base:
Raleigh, NC 27605
Service Area:
Raleigh/Durham, NC, SC, GA, FL, VA
About This Implementer

First, it is not in my nature to blow my own horn, or beat my own drum. Yet, there is a right place for everything and here is where EOS tells me I am to sing my own song. Let’s talk $s. Since 2008, my EOS graduates enjoy average ebiitda gains > 20% year over year (the 2nd i means investments).

I believe in freedom, the kind of freedom that comes when owners and their leadership teams have the guts to take their companies from good, thru great to championship form. When they do this they create freedom not only for themselves, but, for their teams, their vendors, suppliers and frankly, the world at large. Freedom manifests as More Time, More Money, Less Stress.

I create freedom by focusing on being one of the best of the best; I am a world-class implementer of EOS. My implementer journey started in the early days of EOS with Gino training in the spring of 2008. Since then I have had the honor of helping 100s of companies understand EOS and have graduated over 80 who have followed the Proven Process to fruition.

Please note: I will not be practicing on you or your team. I average 120 days a year in the room with client teams. I typically carry 30 or so active clients at any one time and graduate around 3 per quarter. (This means I am always looking for new companies that want to work with the best of the best.) I am a member of the inaugural 12 person Master’s Forum of EOS implementers and continue as part of the 16 person Freedom Forum (former Masters Forum) Importantly, I am also a member of a peer group of 13 top EOS implementers called The Honey Badgers – we meet and phone each other all the time, talking constantly, sharing best practices and insights that can only be gained by other Honey Badgers. Each Honey Badgers is working with over 25 clients and are in the room with these teams more than 100 days a year.

If you are looking for results via EOS, please include me on your list. Cheers, Walt


Having Walt in the room helps on two fronts, first, we have implemented EOS purely and second, he is masterful at helping us use the tools as Partners to not only solve the firm’s issues but our Partner issues too without blowing things up. It is a precise ying and yang balance that Walt helps us with every quarter, worth every penny.

Mike I., Atlanta, GA

Via EOS and Walt, my partner and I have never been more aligned with our vision and our roles. When our relationship went sideways, Walt took us through an all day “EOS Clear The Air Meeting” that has set the tone for our next 15 years together, powerful stuff.

Pat S., Athens, GA

It is amazing how Walt, via EOS, can help us get the hard stuff out on the table and worked through with decisions… he is gifted and we love him and I still love my husband!.

Maria K., Research Triangle, NC

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