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Brisk, Bernard "Chesky"

Home Base:
Monroe, NY 10950
Service Area:
Willing to travel 50 Miles
About This Implementer

Chesky is passionate about helping organizational leaders and their teams by freeing them from organizational chaos. He firmly believes that being successful in your personal life and running a thriving business can actually go hand in hand, where business leaders and teams are happy, doing what they love to do, and earning the compensation they deserve for their efforts

For the last 20 years Chesky has served in leadership roles across a diverse set of industries and circumstances, from small to mid-sized organizations. He has seen both success and failure, and as a business leader he has been able to transform demoralized cultures and organizations mired in despair.

As the founder of the Organizational Performance Coaching company Brisk & Associates Inc., Chesky has led nearly 5000 sessions with leaders and teams to help transform organizations and reach their full potential.

Two years ago, one of Chesky’s clients referred him to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and he became fascinated by the principles, its practicality, and simplicity. His decision to become an EOS Implementer was cemented when he discovered how closely the philosophy is aligned with his actual experiences and beliefs.

Chesky’s approach entails getting teams on the same page, by developing systems that actually work, and focusing obsessively on results.

After implementing EOS tools for many of his clients, Chesky is now convinced that there is nothing more promising than EOS for entrepreneurial companies that are open-minded and growth-oriented.

If you are determined to achieve freedom and success while running an organization, Chesky has a proven solution for you.

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