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Berman, Beth

Home Base:
Rockville, MD 20854, United States
Service Area:
DC, MD, VA, Phila, DE and Virtual Clients Anywhere
About This Implementer

Beth helps leaders and teams become their best. Obsessed with the impact EOS has on her clients, Beth helps companies in virtually every sector break through barriers, pull together and grow.

Beth has been involved in entrepreneurial businesses since she was a kid, helping her serial entrepreneur father in his many ventures from an early age. After her early-career success, during almost 15 years in telecom sales & marketing, where she was awarded the company’s top accounts and consistently smashed sales goals, Beth wanted a change.

Beth dove right back into the entrepreneurial world she had been brought up in. As a Leadership Team member and Partner at a recruiting and staffing company, Beth helped the formerly stuck team effectively drive double digit growth year after year. Then, to survive the 2008 crisis, she led her company’s successful pivot into a job search coaching business, enabling them not just to weather the storm of a major recession, but to grow a totally new business line. Through that experience, Beth’s passion for helping people became even stronger.

As a result, Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™ to help entrepreneurs build strong teams and create powerful messaging. An as internationally recognized Facilitator, Marketing/Communications Consultant, and Certified WHY Coach, Beth worked with companies across a wide array of industries to win more deals and create powerful cultures. Her work included achieving real market differentiation for clients in Transportation, Finance, Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Health Services, and other easily commoditized industries. Prior to her implementation, many of her clients were seen as middle of the pack; after working with Beth, they were seen as a cut above.

After seeing, repeatedly, that most functional, high-growth companies ran their businesses on EOS, Beth became a Professional EOS Implementer. Beth is on a mission to help leaders build better businesses and live better lives.



In the past 6 months, our company has come further than the 5+ years preceding it. Beth helped us face some brutal truths about things we were doing.Our meetings are now productive, our roles are defined, accountability is spreading from the top down, our culture is thriving, and performance is reaching all-time highs.EOS is a great tool for any business, but what really made it work for us is Beth’s patience, attention to detail, and overall demeanor.

Darius Lyvers, Integrator, FH Furr

Beth led 11 of us through two days of intense discovery, all the while building trust & connection. Her leadership style is energizing. She did a great job of reading our group, keeping us engaged and helping us get calibrated to keep up with where we want to go. Beth has been one of the most successful consultants to work with our particular group of engineers/leaders.Thanks, Beth, for your skill, persistence and power of persuasion to keep us on track.

Rick Danning, CFO, MetalTek

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