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Beecher, Matt

Home Base:
Minneapolis, MN 55347, United States
Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
Cincinnati, OH 43206, United States
Service Area:
Minneapolis Metro + 200 mile radius, willing to consider travel to UT, ID, WI, OH.
About This Implementer

Matt’s highest priority in life is to help people. For more than 25 years, Matt has led, taught, motivated, and coached thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams on all six continents to get what they want and deserve from business and from life.

Matt has both started and purchased businesses that brought the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurial life. He knows what it feels like to scrimp and borrow to make payroll and pay rent. While under such severe pressure at a senior healthcare business he’d acquired in Minneapolis, Matt discovered the book Traction and knew it was worthy of his attention. Immediately, he had clarity about where his/his team’s time should be spent. Not all at once, but across several months of consistently applying EOS principles, Matt was able to minimize the business’s greatest risks while elevating his leadership to focus on clients, employees, and strategic growth—eventually improving the business 15% year over year until a successful sale.

Having lived as an EOS integrator and self-implementer at more than one company, Matt is intimately familiar with the power EOS has to bring control to chaos and steady growth to stagnation. He has repeatedly used and taught EOS tools–and he lives EOS principles such that he knows how to ensure they produce traction in an organization—while building a leadership team that is healthy, cohesive, and 100% strong.

Matt has now dedicated his time to helping others learn and apply the principles of EOS. He is known for his world-class teaching, facilitating, and coaching. In sessions Matt leads, teams unite to set vision, solve problems, and hold each other accountable for outcomes.

Matt lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Summer, their two daughters, and their two sons. They love to read and learn, bike and hike, cook and eat, travel and swim, sing and worship, and live the best life possible together.

Use 952.381.1166 to text or call Matt directly.



Matt Beecher represents that rare blend of deep analytical and critical thinking on the one hand alongside engaging, funny, inclusive, warm communication on the other. Teams love Matt because Matt truly loves working with teams. His passion around helping people achieve their top potential is infectious. Matt is one of the finest thinkers I’ve ever worked with.

Jeff Gay, Leaderboard Development

Matt has been instrumental in helping my leadership team develop a shared vision and work together to make that vision a reality. Time spent with Matt yields enormous returns, because he is incredibly gifted at teaching sound principles and then coaching individuals and teams in the application of those principles. He is dedicated and, more importantly, he cares. I can’t recommend Matt and his work highly enough.

Daniel Quarnberg, Pyxis Manufacturing

Matt is a fantastic Coach! He has helped our company in our alignment becoming more unified in our focus. Accountability and growth have both accelerated as a result.

Dale Wills, Centra Homes

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