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Barrett, Tom

Home Base:
Nashville, TN 37027
Service Area:
United States and Canada
About This Implementer

Tom has always been drawn to helping leaders of organizations that want to make a mark on the world clarify their vision and make their preferred picture of the future become reality. He is particularly passionate about helping the leaders of entrepreneurial companies focus and grow their business, so as to improve the company’s performance, their team’s cohesion, and achieve the life they have always wanted to live.



Tom has added tremendous value to me and my leadership team. We started with a workshop which was a great way to get the team engaged, bought-in and ultimately, on the same page. We continue to engage Tom to help us stay focused on what is most important and to act on the vital few areas that have the greatest impact on the business.

David Jones, CEO – Yesler

Tom lead our management team through a series of exercises adapted to fit our phase of business. It was enlightening to look at the company from many vantage points, and make decisions as a team about what the next 3 years will look like. We are starting 2018 with a crystal clear target, and initiatives to execute on it. It’s been so helpful to have a map, a path, and for that matter be clear on what mountain we’re climbing.

Greg Bear, President – Bear Group

We hired Navigate the Journey to facilitate our annual retreat last year and it was revolutionary for our culture and our business. Tom helped us get a lot of skeletons out of the closet, and deal with some unsaid things that had been looming. Tom also helped us map out a plan for where our agency is headed and to drill down into our most important strategic initiatives.

Chad Paris, CEO – Parisleaf

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