EOS Implementer


Barrett, Barry

Home Base:
Lexington, KY 40509
Service Area:
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee
About This Implementer

Barry is an entrepreneur at his core after leaving the Marine Corps over 18 years ago he started his career in sales and with a thirst for learning and a drive for excellence he became a highly successful commission only sales person.

After helping start and grow a successful Automotive repair shop from the ground up within four years the business reached $1 million in annual sales and operates smoothly because of the leadership team and EOS tools that are in place. Barry is driven, caring, passionate and never backs down from a competition; traits that he helps impart on his clients to grow their businesses in a positive way. He is fully present with every single client, giving equal passion and attention to everyone he serves. Now his firm Business With Purpose brings dedicated support to leadership and sales teams all over the nation, helping them structure six key components of their business to make it operate with the best structure for their specific industry.

His energy is contagious no matter if he is in a session with a client, giving a keynote address, or rolling up his sleeves in a workshop. Barry is a freelance business coach with his positive mental attitude, incredible work ethic, and determination for excellence, his results-oriented approach is matchless. He presents the people he serves with more excellent vision and the encouragement to make life changes and leave fear behind. Barry’s background prepared him to thrive as an organizational and leadership business coach. He loves helping people by listening to their struggles and helping them envision a dream, then a plan of action, and lastly helping them develop daily disciplines, tools, and inspiration to hit short and ultimately long range big goals. His motivation is to inspire people to live their best life, and for companies to achieve their highest potential!

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