EOS Implementer


Ashcroft, James

Home Base:
Austin, TX 78746
Service Area:
Austin and Central Texas
About This Implementer

James Ashcroft helps entrepreneurs get what they want out of their businesses.

He teaches the complete EOS system so their companies realize their full potential.

The result is faster growth, higher profits, and more fun than they ever imagined.

James has owned and operated businesses for almost 20 years so his clients get a two-for-one. He’s a coach with operating experience to draw from.

He’s also an active Board member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

In 2013, he hired a coach, trained for 11 months, and finished the Ironman Florida triathlon.

James is also happily married, has 3 kids, and lives in Austin, Texas.


Bringing James in to help us implement EOS has been a game changer. With James pushing us and guiding the process, hard decisions seemed far easier to make. It’s obvious that investing in EOS will be one of the best decisions we make for Patriot Pool and Spa.

Hal Denbar, Patriot Pool & Spa

I consider James Ashcroft a true partner. He’s focused on helping our organization grow by implementing the EOS platform. We had tried to self-implement EOS, but we did not get traction until we had James come in to moderate our meetings. James is polite but firm, and keeps our team focused and on track. We would not be where we are without James.

Frank Barbella, SOLV Risk Solutions

James has been super kind and diligent as our EOS implementer. We came to the process thinking that we had already mastered some parts of it, like defining core values and a “why”; however, with James’s guidance, we were able to redefine them in a way that makes more sense for our business. Our team truly feels ownership of them. We believe the EOS process is already proving to be what we need to take the company to the next level and we are thankful for having James as our Implementer.

Hugo Diaz, Vital Interaction
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