EOS Implementer


Albertson, Eric

Home Base:
Portland, OR 97219
Service Area:
Pacific Northwest and Bay Area
About This Implementer

Eric Albertson has over 30 years of experience in businesses of all sizes including a stint as a part owner of an Inc. 500 (#89) company. Eric is an expert in the areas of sales, marketing, hiring, value pricing and relationship dynamics.

Eric’s father was a failed entrepreneur. That failure devastated Eric’s family when he was young and he set out to learn everything he could in life to help others succeed. In Eric’s opinion EOS was the missing piece. As Eric says “If my father had EOS who knows what could have happened in his business life”?
Eric is well known for taking businesses to the next level. 100% of his clients are raving fans.

Eric lives in Portland, Oregon and currently helps clients from San Jose, CA to Portland, OR to Seattle, WA.


Eric brought the depth of experience in businesses like ours and a obvious mastery of the EOS model to our Focus Day experience with him. While we already “knew” many of the concepts he shared having him as a third party outside of the company facilitating us and challenging us to take it to a new level was just what the doctor ordered for the future of our business. This was time and money very well spent.

Ken Paskins, President & CRO, Frontline Selling

We’ve been in business over 28 years. Eric and the EOS Model have made a dramatic impact on our growth and more importantly the sanity of our operations. In the beginning it was a stretch to take a long weekend. Now I can go on a 3 week vacation and upon my return things are running just as smoothly as when I left. I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Steve Bierut, Co-Founder Reach Technology, Inc.

Working with Eric and the EOS journey has us well on our way to Vision, Traction and Healthy. The entire company senses that we know where we are going and that we are making faster progress than ever before. If there was just one thing I’d say the magic is in the accountability & execution in a family owned business – amazing!

Kelly Tucker, Reininger Winery, Walla Walla, WA
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