EOS Implementer


Abercrombie, Mike

Home Base:
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Service Area:
United States
About This Implementer

Mike began his own journey as an entrepreneur when we co-founded a training company in 1993. As CEO, he grew the business with the help of 100+ instructors and staff to be an internationally recognized company with over $20M in revenue and operations in the US and UK.

Along his journey, Mike joined the Young President’s Organization (YPO) in 2000. While working closely with business leaders in YPO, Mike discovered a passion and talent for his own teaching and facilitation. As a result, Mike has been professionally delivering programs for YPO groups in the US and internationally since 2007 delivering highly regarded sessions.

In 2015, Mike sold his training business to a global IT training organization and exited the business to focus on helping business leaders implement EOS. As a certified EOS implementer Mike combines his business experience and love of teaching to fulfill his dream of helping other entrepreneurs after he was finished with his own business.

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