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Abbott, Mark

Home Base:
Atlanta, GA 30303
Service Area:
Florida & Georgia
About This Implementer

Mark has significant senior executive, investor and advisory/board experience with start-ups, early stage, and small to mid-sized companies.

Mark’s background includes helping build, and later running, Heller Financial’s industry-leading merchant banking platform, which he helped grow from less than $2 billion and 120 employees to more than $5 billion and over 200 employees. Mark also helped take Heller public (NYSE: HFI) and sat on a number of its leadership committees. Mark was also a senior partner of a successful middle-market oriented private equity firm, as well as the founding CEO of a $500+ million commercial finance company.

Mark’s board experiences include serving as Chairman of the Board of five companies, board-level positions on an additional eight, and a number of advisory board positions.

Over a decade ago, while acting as an interim COO, Mark had what he calls “the great fortune” of being an EOS® client and he was “so blown away by how simple, holistic and utterly effective the EOS system is” that he decided the best way for him to help entrepreneurial leadership teams build healthy, scalable, and enduring businesses was for him to become an EOS Implementer and teach entrepreneurial leadership teams how to master the EOS system.



Mark has pulled the best from my management team challenging us and building a circle of trust we didn’t have 18 months ago. Not only is Mark exceptional at what he does but consistent & professional. I would recommend Mark if you’re looking to bring an organization to the next level. I’m also happy to answer any questions personally in regards to EOS or Mark Abbott.

Scott W. Kelly, Enterprise Trenchless Technologies, Inc.

Mark Abbott has been helping us here at Cambridge with implementing the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). In the time that I’ve worked with Mark, I’ve been able to see many of his various skills and abilities. In particular, because of his life experiences, he has been invaluable to our company developing the EOS principles.

Ray Eriks, Cambridge Companies

Under the EOS System, Moseley Construction Group has undergone a significant change in the past two years. Using EOS principles, Moseley’s business processes have become more streamlined and more effective. For other companies seeking to improve their leadership and their businesses, I would highly recommend the EOS system to them, and specifically Mark Abbott.

Johnny D. Moseley, Moseley Construction Group, Inc.

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