EOS Implementer


Wood, Anthony

Home Base:
Sydney, 2000
Service Area:
NSW, VIC, ACT & Philippines
About This Implementer

For the last 20 years, Anthony has been running businesses in Canada, England and Australia across Hospitality, Retail, Services and ICT industries. Most recently, Anthony co-founded and built one of Australia’s leading Managed Mobility Service providers helping clients improve their productivity and prosperity through Mobile technology solutions.

Along the rollercoaster ride of growing a small business, he realised that critical to the success of this business would be the use of the right tools. So, when Anthony was introduced to EOS through the book Traction, he immediately recognised the potential impact it could have and set about transforming the company through the introduction of the effective business operating system.

The implementation of EOS has proven so successful that Anthony has been able to step out of that business and it now runs without him, enabling him to pursue his passion of improving lives by making businesses better.

Anthony achieves his purpose by strengthening the Six Key Components and turbocharging the leadership team by getting them aligned on their Vision, providing tools for Traction so they can bring it to life and ultimately working as a Healthy and cohesive team.

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