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Williams, Daniel

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Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia
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About This Implementer

Growing up in Melbourne’s inner north-west, a thriving hub for small business, Daniel started working at 10 years of age and started an entrepreneurial journey as a teenager selling, building and supporting computers for home users.

Choosing a career in IT, Daniel worked in local government, blue-chip enterprise and in legal services. Gathering a thirst for business and a passion for leadership, Daniel’s first experience running a business came at the age of 21.

Over a period of 15 years, he grew the business from 5 people to 100. Throughout that time he read many books, served on several boards, engaged coaches, tried many systems and nothing really stuck or stood the test of time.

Daniel came across EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) in 2015 through Daniel Davis (Certified EOS Implementer). He read Traction, and after many “aha moments”, couldn’t help looking back and wishing he’d known even just a few of the EOS tools when building a business. Needless to say, Daniel was all-in from about 5 minutes into the 90-Minute Meeting.

The leadership team engaged in the EOS Process and adopted EOS with vigour, with Daniel as the defined “Visionary”. The business grew by 100% in the first 3 years of EOS, built and refined an awesome culture (Certified Great Place to Work) and achieved unprecedented clarity, discipline, and accountability throughout the organization.

Daniel developed a knack for EOS and the EOS tools, and being a go-giver he wanted to share this amazing experience and set of simple tools with others.

Daniel became a Professional EOS Implementer so he could help business owners achieve Vision, Traction, Healthy.

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