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Weening, Jon

Home Base:
Barrie, Ontario L4N 0H8, Canada
Service Area:
Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Eastern Canada
About This Implementer

Jon has two passions that are the driving force behind his work; the first, to help business owners and leadership teams become their best, getting what they want from their business, and the second – a natural result of the first – to help create fulfilling and engaging work places for their teams.

Those two passions spawned from 20 years of owning or being a partner in 5 businesses ranging from a dealership to real estate to manufacturing; two were successful but each one provided valuable lessons! As a result, Jon can relate to the many challenges entrepreneurs face, but also the thrill of making a significant difference in the lives of team members and customers.

For the ten years prior to his EOS® venture Jon was CEO of an equipment design and manufacturing company that he owned with a dedicated business partner/brother. Together, with the help of a great leadership team they successfully transformed the culture, developed a great team and grew the business from 1.5 million to a profitable 7 million – but hit a ceiling. It was apparent the two partners were no longer on the same page with where to take the company. They agreed on a plan to sell off a portion of the business, scale it back and for Jon to be bought out.

While piecing together a plan to help companies “bridge organizational gaps” that so often exist between owners, managers and workers, Jon was introduced to EOS and it was like a lightbulb went off. Within a week of discovering this simple proven system, he realized it was the glue that tied everything he’d learned about leadership and running a great business together into a simple – not easy – system!

Today Jon works with leadership teams fulfilling those two passions, helping leaders become their best while creating great places to work by implementing EOS in their business! He lives just north of Toronto, in Barrie Ontario with his beautiful wife Kristin and four wonderful teenage kids – loving life



Working through the EOS® process with Jon has been amazing on so many levels. Jon is a true professional who is always upping his game and inspiring me to up mine as a business owner and leader. The EOS process has aligned our team around the same goals, brought clarity to where we are going and what we can do to get there and we are finally experiencing real traction in our marketing agency. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Jesse Barton, Owner, Fireside Agency

Jon does a great job leading planning sessions, leading vision building discussions, and encouraging healthy disagreement. He knows when to interject, and when to let the leadership team hash things out on their own.

Brad Shafran, Connectability

Jon introduced EOS® to us at a critical junction in our business. He helped guide us through some tough decisions and encouraged us to clarify our vision, refocus our efforts and understand the value of developing traction to accomplish our goals. Without his assistance we would still be stuck chasing our tails. Jon’s professional and personable nature, coupled with EOS, is exactly what we needed to overcome this and move our business forward with purpose and renewed vigor!

Chris Whatley, Unique Sleep Solutions

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