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Watson, Tim

Home Base:
Dorset, England BH18 9NB, United Kingdom
Service Area:
United Kingdom and Germany
About This Implementer

Tim spent the first 18 years of his career in small to medium size entrepreneurial businesses, working in the software and technology sector. He took leadership roles from age 26 onwards.

In 2004 he joined a start-up MarTech business. It grew rapidly and was soon sold for millions.

He stayed with the business for 4 more years, continuing the growth, until exiting and starting a digital marketing consultancy business that developed with an international client base.

Five years ago, to help grow a US business, he joined the leadership team, working remotely from the UK.

At that time, he read Traction and immediately saw how it could help drive the business. EOS was implemented and worked even better than expected.

The business grew 54% to 10 million over 3 years.

Following five years of practicing and implementing EOS he realized his true calling lay in helping other entrepreneurs.

If you feel your business should be moving faster than it is or your team could be more effective, Tim can help you. Take the first step and talk to Tim.

In just 90 minutes you can get started and it costs nothing. Call on his direct line +44 (0)20 3384 9785.



In three short years we grew by 54% to $10m. EOS helped make that happen. I was open minded when I discovered EOS but needed convincing. Quickly after starting I was convinced – the value outstripped my expectations. I’ve since recommended EOS and Tim to several entrepreneurs.

Bob Roscoe, CEO, That’s Great News

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