EOS Implementer


Van Hoorn, Laurens

Home Base:
Amsterdam, N-H 3768 MN, Netherlands
10200, Thailand
Service Area:
The Netherlands, willing to travel within Europe & South East Asia
About This Implementer

Laurens has over 25 years of experience working with leadership teams across industries, as an entrepreneur and as an interim manager.

He started his first business when he was 26, grew it to 10Mio and added two more companies to the group over the course of 13 years. In 2007 sold the businesses so he could gain international experience, working in Romania for 3 years.

He was asked to run a number of companies in the years thereafter, and built The Netherlands largest Apple Premium Reseller into a 100Mio company through a buy-and-build strategy as Managing Director.

As Managing Director of the Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute Laurens was fortunate to be an EOS® client. He was immediately struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of the EOS system. Along this journey he realised that he was, as he says, “on the wrong side of the table” and decided to become an EOS Implementer and teach entrepreneurial leadership teams how to master the EOS system.

Laurens has strong analytical and problem solving skills and is focused on creating clarity and accountability within the teams he works with.


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