EOS Implementer


Smith, Murray

Home Base:
Melbourne, 3220
Service Area:
Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania
About This Implementer

Murray is driven by making a difference and having a positive impact on organisational performance. For the last ten years Murray established, restructured and re-engineered government bodies to improve their contribution, to maximise value from investment. His areas of focus included customer service, IT refreshment, field operations and support services. Through these experiences Murray has worked with the following industries; health, construction, hospitality, gaming, property, other licensed industries (e.g. vehicle traders), and integrity agencies overseeing public servants. He has engaged effectively as an executive with various industry associations, members of parliament and various public inquiries.

Murray has developed an astute understanding of the linkages between strategy and operational execution. Having been part of executive leadership teams, Murray is passionate about providing clarity to businesses to improve their desired outcomes rather than just outputs.

Prior to this work Murray had a 15-year career as a police officer. During that time Murray learnt the important lessons of calm decision making in the face of extreme adversity, assessing risks and opportunities and the value of focussing on the operational context of core business.

Murray is the recipient of two commendations, one group citation, the Victoria Police Ethical Service Medal and the National Medal (Commonwealth) for long and diligent service helping the community during times of crisis.

Murray is passionate about continuous improvement in his own life as much as those he works with. He holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a centre of excellence for innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Murray holds a Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Arts both from RMIT University in Melbourne. Murray has also attended an executive program at Harvard University.


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