EOS Implementer


Russo, Renee

Home Base:
Vancouver, V5C3E5
Service Area:
British Columbia, CANADA
About This Implementer

What do you want from your business? This is the first question Renee asks all entrepreneurs. Most respond: growth, stability, more profit, scale, right people, more personal time, sustainability. All of these wants can be related to an underlying issues, a loss of traction which Renee calls “hitting a ceiling”.

Renee Russo successfully helps business leaders master the skills, tools and disciplines they need to break through the ceiling and get what they want from their business. She masterfully elevates leaders to their higher potential and helps them transform their businesses to their next level performance, time and time again.

A trusted coach, facilitator and keynote speaker, Renee brings deep expertise, vast experience, her compassionate heart and her high energy, to every interaction with business leaders. She removes the barriers to success by ensuring that the guidance she delivers is easy to follow, practical to implement and immediately actionable. Renee is all about execution and results.

Leaders chose Renee Russo because she: helps first, is humbly confident, has a grow or die mentality, does the right thing even when it is tough, and does what she says she will do.

“Soft front, strong back, wild heart.” Brene Brown – this describes Renee Russo to the letter.
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