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Price, Ian

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Guildford, RH14 0PL
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About This Implementer

Ian’s entrepreneurial career has included leading start up businesses as well as large corporate organisations and certainly has a passion for the SME sector. He has launched brands like Paddy Power into the UK market, built and sold a start up tech business and undertaken several business turn arounds. That certainly thought him a lot. Having read Traction he implemented EOS in to the Academy for Chief Executives. He recognised the value of EOS and the difference it could make to a business with a desire to grow but missing the blue of how to do it.

Ian focuses his time now on helping SME business leaders and their businesses be the best that they can be through both his Vistage Groups and as a Professional EOS Implementer. “The power of establishing clarity of your business Vision, gaining Traction through discipline and accountability and creating a Healthy team cannot be overestimated” said Ian.

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