EOS Implementer


Pisor, Karl

Home Base:
Tokyo, 1580098
Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia
Service Area:
All domestic Japan, East Asia, Australia East Coast
About This Implementer

Karl Pisor started his first business at the age of 27, an Internet design shop in Tokyo.

He loved the freedom of the entrepreneurial life, but the pace was exhausting. From managing employees and cashflow to marketing the company and hustling for new business, each day brought a new set of problems.

Then, just two years in, he lost everything when the internet bubble of 2000 burst. It was a jarring defeat. Successful entrepreneurship clearly required more than just passion. He resolved to get better.

After an MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, he returned to Japan, where he spent the next 15 years as an independent management consultant, delivering solutions in IT infrastructure, sales, marketing, and software development. But something was missing. The traditional consulting approach seemed to only address surface issues, and wasn’t helping his clients move forward in a lasting way.

That’s when he discovered EOS®.

The EOS tools and process integrated everything Karl had learned about running a successful business into one coherent philosophy and system.

In 2018, he became Japan’s first Professional EOS Implementer™.

Today, Karl lives the EOS Life® by helping business leaders throughout Japan, East Asia, and Australia.

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