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Mara, Jonathan

Home Base:
Vancouver, V4P 2H9
Service Area:
Vancouver and Seattle
About This Implementer

I am a lifelong entrepreneur and in my +25 years of entrepreneurial experience I have been the founder or co-founder of 5 businesses that have qualified for membership in the Entrepreneur’s Organization or the Young President’s Organization.

A significant contributor to those 5 businesses success was the implementation of a proven process and model.

In fact, one of those businesses was a 3 time winner of the Profit 100 Fastest Growing Companies list in Canada

Over those 25 years I have also had 4 business failures, one of which cost me over $1,000,000 and taught me some key life lessons. Like: 1. Do not have a big ego, but maintain a strong ego; 2. Do things that give energy not suck energy; and 3. Make the tough decisions, enter the danger.

My passion is helping entrepreneurial companies and their leadership teams grow and stay aligned on their entrepreneurial journey.


With Jonathan’s guidance in implementing EOS into our company we’ve accomplished so much in a very short time and the results have been outstanding. Our company is experiencing “traction” in all areas and with every employee. This process could have been quite exhausting but with Jonathan’s guidance has been enlightening and very rewarding. No company should attempt this process without a Professional EOS Implementer and Ashton highly recommends Jonathan to all our peers and colleagues.

Brian and Julie Williams, Visionary & Integrator, Ashton Service Group

After the first 90-minute meeting with Jonathan, we knew that the EOS process was the system that we had been looking for. Jonathan brings his real-life experiences to the table which provides the credibility to challenge the status quo. The process also helped us redefine our core values and uncover our core focus and purpose. Our Leadership Team is stronger and more accountable. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership with Jonathan to experience sustained success for Mindfield.

Dean Medwid, President, Mindfield

In our first year working with Jon, we’ve gained tremendous traction in our organization. Jon’s EOS methodology has kept our executive team focused. We continue to experience improving results and momentum. We are more aligned as a leadership team and more accountable to one another. We’ve been able to increase the rest of our team’s understanding of our company goals, purpose, values and where we’re headed. I would highly recommend working with Jon if you aspire to similar results.

Reeve Bunn, Integrator, DSL Ltd.

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