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Langkraehr, Julia

Home Base:
London, WC1B 3HD
Service Area:
United Kingdom and Europe
About This Implementer

Julia is simply passionate about helping entrepreneurial companies reach their full potential and create a better life for their leaders.

Her mission is to help the companies she works with get more out of their business by running a system which leverages repeatable disciplines, and creates a healthier and more unified team.

After being inspired by the book “Traction” Julia met its creator and became instrumental in bringing EOS® to the UK, becoming the first UK implementer in 2014.

Simple and holistic in its approach, and combining the best business tools and techniques – Julia could see how EOS® could help entrepreneurs just like her.

Prior to establishing Bold Clarity, Julia brought the concept of “pop-up retail” to the U.K. and Europe. She took her business from start-up to a peak of £30m of revenue across the U.K., Germany and Russia, after a business merger. Knowing only too well the challenges of building and galvanising teams behind a single vision, raising money, merging her business and concluding a successful exit for shareholders – to Julia EOS® made perfect sense.

Since then Julia has helped over 50 entrepreneurial businesses scale and grow by implementing EOS® with nothing more than a verbal contract and a personal guarantee – if she doesn’t deliver value, the company does not pay.

Julia says: “Running a business without EOS® is like trying to navigate on guess-work versus sat-nav. A repeatable, robust and scalable process everyone can understand and enjoy makes building a business more fulfilling and lucrative, and also more fun!’’

If you feel your business is stuck, you’ve hit a ceiling and your team isn’t working effectively, Julia’s can help. Taking the first step is free and simple, requiring just 90 minutes of your time.



At our very first EOS session, it became abundantly clear where our shortcomings were and how Julia would have an impact. Working with her has proved to me that business leadership trainers can add tangible, measurable value. Based on our excellent experience to date, I would not hesitate to recommend almost all of my clients to Julia and EOS.

Paul Herman, Group CEO, Bluebox Corporate Finance

Since June 2016 I have worked with Bold Clarity for the implementation of EOS in our business with great success. Julia’s facilitation of this transition has been very disciplined and efficien t and we are now starting to see real buy-in throughout our management team which is starting to havwe a positive effect on performance. I would recommend implentation of EOS to anyone who wishes to provide a clear direction and improve communication in their organisation

Matt Ainscough, Group CEO, Ainscough Industrial Services

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