EOS Implementer


Lahmann, Jörg

Home Base:
Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Service Area:
Barcelona, Madrid, Zürich, Berlin, München - willing to travel for the right fit
About This Implementer

Jörg’s passion is to help open minded, motivated entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to get everything they want from their business. After studying Engineer in Hamburg, Germany, he moved to Barcelona in 1997 to gain international experience, learn Spanish – and in the search for sunshine.

After 3 years working for a Spanish Organization, he built his own e-commerce company (GowithOh), based in Barcelona. Starting with a 2-heads counting team and no funding Jörg grew the business over 12 years to a multimillion company with 70+ person and 4 offices in 3 countries: Spain, Germany and France.

During this time, he navigated the business through the 2008 Crisis, restructuring, refocusing and rebuilding the company. It was in 2011 when he first discovered the power of using a framework to run his business to keep things simple and be able to scale better. When he finally learned about EOS in 2015, he felt immediately in love with this holistic system and the simple though very effective and powerful tools, creating vision, achieving execution and building a healthy team. The implementation of EOS in his own company was part of the reason why he later could exit the business successfully.

Besides running his business, he became part of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) where he was a member of the board for three years and facilitating meetings as a Certified Moderator. During this time Jörg discovered his passion for the science of business and helping other entrepreneurs to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

That’s when in 2017 he decided to become a full-time Professional EOS Implementer. The first to serve the Spanish and German-speaking market.

Today he has implemented EOS in companies from 8 to over 300 employees, from hosting companies to retailers, from service companies to factories.

He helps companies in Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Jörg is a native Spanish and German speaker and business professional in English.


Applying EOS has been decisive to bring “Primer Impacto” (the company) to the next level. Thanks to Jörg we advanced in 6 months what we have not achieved in 6 years. Thank you!!!

Luis Mestre, Primer Impacto

Jörg and EOS have helped us achieve a completely different vision of the company and be way more efficient and effective in all areas. At the same time, EOS has positively influenced the commitment of the entire team.

Urs Graf, Steag AG

The EOS methodology and Jörg have helped us a lot in aligning the entire team. We especially like its direct and simple approach, without bureaucracies, from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. It is really an operating system for companies on which we are able to grow.

Jordi Ber, Habitissimo

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