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Jordan, Alice

Home Base:
Oakham, LE15 6EG
Service Area:
Midlands,UK Willing to travel UK
About This Implementer

Having spent the first 20 years of her career in senior people roles in corporate organisations, Alice developed a deep understanding of the people levers to generate productivity and how to build strong leadership teams. She also learnt about internal politics and death by power point presentations. Having always envisaged leaving that world, she took that leap in 2008. Enjoying the freedom, she set up her own business, helping leaders of businesses with between 10 and 250 employees to achieve outstanding people performance.

Alice had two key learnings:

  • Firstly – the importance of helping leadership teams to win the hearts of people who work with them as much as their heads to generate business performance improvements
  • Secondly – that she had a clear ability to teach, coach and facilitate strong employee engagement, a key driver of productivity. She took two businesses from 50% to over 85% engagement ratings – winning national awards on both occasions

In 2018 she came across the book “TRACTION” and introduced EOS to three businesses she was working with at the time. All chose to work with Alice using EOS and on seeing the pace of impact for them, she chose to become a professional EOS Implementer.

Alice believes that 80% of a business’ challenges relate to people. Alice has been described as having an uncanny knack for entering the danger zone, getting the “unspoken” into the room with care and compassion. She believes this is a key reason why business leaders engage her to help them achieve RESULTS.

She can be contacted on (+44) 07890 532179


Reading Traction by Gino Wickman will change your lives and your business…but only if you can implement the ideas of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Alice Jordan has taken us by the scruff of the neck and pulled us into the EOS. She has corrected our errors in understanding, clarified our objectives and driven the EOS into the soul of the company. If you want great loyalty from your team, better results, and a better life, get Alice to help you implement EOS in your business.

David Batchelor,Founder and Managing Director, Wills & Trusts

Alice is a one of a kind, truly amazing in her way of dealing with people at whatever level they are within an organisation. Alice has helped my business to implement EOS but my most enjoyable experience has been working with Alice in a number of organisations. Alice has an ability to see, feel and know what is going on and it’s often the ‘Unspoken’ that needs to be on the table, discussed dealt with and worked through. She is absolutely on her ‘A’ game and fully present when in flow.

Adam Harris, Founder , Freshmindset & Vistage Chair


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