EOS Implementer


Harris, Brandon

Home Base:
West Sussex, England BN6 9PD, United Kingdom
Service Area:
UK, Jersey and Guernsey
About This Implementer

Entrepreneurial from an early age, Brandon started his first proper business age 25. Taking inspiration from North America he started manufacturing Giant Cookies to a unique healthy recipe that meant he even had to engineer the machinery they were made on. He learned a lot as the business grew quickly and eventually sold to much larger food producer.

He gained further experience in the food, engineering, and publishing industries where he was sponsored to complete an MBA, this reinforced the idea of working for himself again.

He set up his first Fitness Club 18 years ago and as it grew, was the perfect platform to launch 5 other fitness related businesses over this period, selling each of them once established.

EOS came into his life around 3 years ago by recommendation. He read ‘Traction’ loved the model and tools and implemented EOS into his main club. He states that it was easier to run and the leadership team really began to function as a whole during this time.

He credits EOS as a driving force allowing a profitable sale of that business and providing the focus for his new and exciting career.

Brandon spends his downtime in the Sussex Downs with his family, walking and exercising, and in the garage restoring old vehicles and 80’s Japanese motorbikes.

He wants to help other busy business leaders experience a better way to run their business and balance their lives.

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