EOS Implementer


Haddad, Georges

Home Base:
Montreal, H9J3W2
Service Area:
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec & Halifax
About This Implementer

Being an entrepreneur, husband, father and Professional EOS Implementor is a powerful combination. Georges understands entrepreneurial organizations because he once was one too which what he brings to the relationship unique. He felt the joy of the highs and the pain of the lows and the loneliness. He’s been in your world and understands the sacrifices, compromises, stresses and risks involved in building and leading an entrepreneurial organization and balancing family life.

Georges sold his 2nd start-up in 2014 to a public company and focused on his family and his bucket-list. He joined EOS in 2018 to help fellow entrepreneurs and their leadership teams learn from his mistakes and successes. He brings objectivity, authenticity, experience and commitment to the relationship. Having hired coaches in his businesses, Georges has a full 360° understanding and approach to make a positive impact to help entrepreneurial leaders and their leadership teams gain control of their organization.

Georges has been there, felt it and successfully survived with some scars.


Georges has positively impacted me as a leader and has taught my leadership team to become more accountable to themselves and as a team. He has guided us to stay on track and keep us going in the right direction. EOS is exactly what our organization needed to help us become stronger as a team and organization. The leadership team is adopting the process and has rolled out EOS to every team at every level at Patriot. It’s a great feeling to see everyone at Patriot rowing in the same direction.

Jeff Yorke, Patriot Ambulance Service

Georges has helped me succeed in 3 fundamental areas; He’s coached me to work on the business and to get me out of the day-to-day operations, he’s facilitated difficult discussions with the Leadership Team resulting in a higher level of trust amongst themselves and has taught us the power of the EOS processes. Georges passion for helping us succeed is motivating – he truly cares. His experience as an entrepreneur allows him to help us navigate through the issues and avoid getting stuck.

Rich Marchetti, Transcona Roofing Inc.

Georges approach in implementing EOS is incredibly thought-provoking. He is passionate, committed, and sincerely cares to teach & guide our Leadership Team. He has made us realize our potential, has us thinking out-of-the-box, and keeps us focused. Most importantly, he listens, questions, and challenges our Leadership Team and brings his experience and perspective to this relationship. As a direct result, we are a more cohesive team producing double-digit growth.

Mitchell K Goldberg Founder & President, Surgmed Group of Companies

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