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Green, Jason

Home Base:
London, England W1W 7FA, United Kingdom
Service Area:
UK, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Jason’s has over 20 years of experience being an entrepreneur and working in executive leadership teams.

In 2016 Jason’s company had hit a ceiling and he was struggling to push through. Fortunately, Jason was handed a copy of the book Traction and he has never looked backed, often commenting that it changed his life and the people around him forever.

Having implemented EOS, Jason has first-hand experience of the benefits of running a business with EOS® and the challenges of running one without it.

Jason understands how it feels when your business is stuck, you’ve hit a ceiling, you’re frustrated with your people and your leadership team isn’t working.

Now a Professional EOS implementer, Jason’s passion and mission in live is to help Entrepreneurs get a better life for themselves, by helping them and their leadership teams get better at three things: VISION, TRACTION and HEALTH.

EOS might just be the right system for you and your business.



We’ve engaged Jason to undertake our implementation of EOS and I can;t rate him highly enough! We are finding EOS a fantastic way to help structure our business but you do need someone to help you navigate the implementation and keep you on track, something Jason does brilliantly.He helps us remain focused and his teaching style is very relaxed and engaging. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of using him!

David Goldberg, CEO, POD Management

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