EOS Implementer


Gray, Stuart

Home Base:
Stratford-upon-Avon, Midlands CV37 9SJ, United Kingdom
Service Area:
UK, willing to travel
About This Implementer

A serial entrepreneur Stuart started his first business at age 26. His biggest achievement to date is founding Portus Consulting (Employee Benefit Consultant and Insurance Broker) in 2003 and Portus Online (Benefit Software Solutions/SAAS) in 2010.

Stuart built a great team at Portus and achieved 20% per annum compound growth over a 14-year period. This led to a trade exit to Aon Plc, the leading global professional services firm and insurance broker, in October 2017.

Stuarts historic experience was that most business advice focussed on strategy, but then walked away and left leadership teams with little if any operating model or tools in place to drive execution. Unsurprisingly they lost impetus over time or worse simply failed to execute. This frustration led to him discovering EOS and he decided his future lay in becoming an EOS Implementer and helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Outside of work you’ll find Stuart spending time with family and friends. He enjoys all sports, especially cycling where he loves to do multi day rides across the UK and Europe.

Today Stuart is driven by a passion to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leadership teams maximise the potential of their businesses and lead a better life for themselves. He is also an active member of the Supper Club, a membership community of over 500 inspirational founders and CEOs’ of high growth businesses.

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