EOS Implementer


Goldmann, Christian

Home Base:
Lagoa, 8400 - 505
Service Area:
Europe, UK, Ireland, Africa. I will travel.
About This Implementer


Christian's ability to help leadership teams stems from 30 years of personal experience. Coming from a military background. Where he flew helicopters in the South African airforce.

He was very privileged to work in exceptionally functional teams, Literally where lives were at stake, more often than not his own. Christian resigned from the Airforce holding the rank of Major to join the family business.
It was here that he was able to experience the exact opposite in terms of team functionality. All accountability and responsibility rested with the family members. Not only that but he was faced with having a true visionary in the firm.
It was not until this discovery did the family business know some form of peace!
Understanding team dynamics and having a practical working knowledge of running a business gives Christian unique perspective, he is passionate about helping high power teams realise their true potential.

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