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Fraser, John

Home Base:
Service Area:
Toronto, GTA
About This Implementer

John was the founder and CEO for 9 years of a successful online retail and warehouse logistics company. At its peak his company was the 2nd fastest growing retail company in Canada with a revenue per employee ratio in excess of $1 million, multiple locations across North America and an annual revenue of +$10 million.

John has been a member of EO Toronto since 2015 and is their platinum level EOS sponsor & speaker. He sat on the board as an EO Accelerator chair person, provided entrepreneurial education content to young budding entrepreneurs and built coaching / accountability content to ensure success growing their businesses.

John has been a business coach for the past 6 years specializing in process implementation.

Experience as an integrator:

Prior to founding and running his online retail company, John was the owner of his own professional engineering project management firm (Masters from Purdue University) for 8 years managing large scale automotive manufacturing projects for multiple clients.

John’s style as an EOS implementer:

John brings a youthful light-hearted and energetic enthusiasm to implementation while sharing his deep understanding of structure and process. Structure will set you free is a saying common in the EO community and John lives this mantra both professionally and personally. Not afraid to push boundaries, John believes that true growth comes from going the extra mile, doing the extra rep, and pressing through the pain points to achieve excellence.

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